Ignore unofficial web pages outside of NTTGame:
Posted by NTT Support on 23-07-2015 / 16:48

*Do not forget that NTTGame staff will never ask your account passwords, email passwords, credit card information or ICS codes password. Our official web page is WWW.NTTGAME.COM and we do not have any other webpage. Do not share your account information with unofficial web pages. Otherwise you can lost access to your account. Some unoffical web pages can look like our official web page, please do not forget to check URL adress and be sure it is www.nttgame.com and extensions before login your account.

*Please do not care unofficial Facebook pages; do not share your account information. Do not click fake ads and events If It is not part of our official facebook page.

*Do not care fake e-mails and SMS; do not share account information and do not reply them. NTTGame will never ask you information by e-mail or SMS!

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