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How Can I Register to ICS
Posted by NTT Support on 23-07-2015 / 17:42
  •         Firstly, please login to your account and click on ‘’My Account > Overview’’ tabs.


  •          To activate your ICS service please follow the ‘’Game Services’’ and click on ‘’ICS Service’’ button.


  •          Login to ICS service by using “Portal/NttGame Account ID and Password’’


  •         Click on “E-mail Confirmation : Step 1’’  button.


  •         Click on “Send a confirmation e-mail’’ button.


  •         An Email will be sent to registered email account, please open the email and click on the link provided to confirm your email address.


  •         After e-mail confirmation, please login ICS webpage again (

  •         For ICS System Mobile Number confirmation please click on ‘Confirmation : Step 2’’  button.


  •          Please choose your country code and enter your personal phone number to ‘’Phone Number’’ and click on ‘’REQUEST CODE’’ button.
  •          System will show you entered phone number information, double check to make sure everything is correct and click  ‘’Okay’’ and then click on "request code".
  •          A code will be sent to your mobile phone, please enter this code in the page, and click "submit code". You can only use this code within 180 seconds.


  •         You will see a message confirming that your phone is registered, click  ‘’Register’’ button.

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