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SMS Activation / Verification / Change
Posted by NTT Support on 19-08-2015 / 12:58


If you want to trade items in a game, you need to activate the SMS verification service. Please follow the steps below:

1. Log in to NTT Game portal ( ) by using your ID and password.
2. Then click " MY ACCOUNT " and " OVERVIEW " sections.
3. Choose the " GAME SERVICES " title on the left and then click the circle sign in the " SMS Verification " part.
4. Choose your country code, input your phone number and click the " Send Verification Code " button to receive the code.
5. Input the verification code within 600 seconds and click " Verify " button.

Now your account has been registered for in-game trade function.

You may use a phone number for only 3 different NTT Game accounts.


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