NTTNow is Now Replaced with the ICS/OTP System
Posted by NTT Support on 21-08-2020 / 11:42

Hail Knights,

We've taken an important decision about NTTNow application which is used for accessing new servers Altar - Vega - Sirius. According to decision, NTTNow's necessity for new servers have been cancelled and ICS/OTP service activation has been obliged. Users who created an account after August 21, 2020 11:00 TR time need to activate ICS service to access new servers.

Also, all accounts which already activated NTTNow application must activate ICS/OTP service to access new servers within 30 days (spesific time will be shared soon). At the end of the 30 days period, if ICS service hasn't been activated on account yet, new servers will be restricted until activating ICS service on account.

You can find more details about ICS service in here.

P.S 1: Users who already activated ICS service on their accounts don't need to do for accessing new servers.
P.S 2: Users who already complete the NTTNow verification and experience problem with ICS service might communicate with Customer Support services until September 24, 2020.

Have Fun!

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Kredi Kartı ile Npoint Alımları Hakkında
Posted by NTT Support on 09-06-2020 / 12:44

Herkese Merhaba,

Oyuncularımızın Paybyme Kredi Kartı ile satın alımlarında ödeme işleminin tamamlanmasına rağmen Npoint'lerin hesaba geç ulaştığı görülmektedir. Bu gecikmeler 20 dakika kadar sürebilmektedir.

Lütfen bu süreçte kredi kartınız ile Npoint alımı yaptıktan sonra işlemi tekrarlamak yerine satın aldığınız Npoint'in hesabınıza aktarılmasını bekleyiniz.

Sorun çözümlendiğinde gerekli bilgilendirmeler yapılacaktır.

Herkese İyi Oyunlar!

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Paypal Payment - Problem Resolved
Posted by NTT Support on 19-11-2019 / 14:24


-Problem Resolved-


Hail Knights!

As NTT Game support team, we are aware of the problem which is related with one of the payment methods at portal, Paypal. Currently, users can't complete their Paypal payments due to some technical issues.

In this period, users may prefer to use our other payment methods for their Npoint buying. You can see the other methods in here.

We will update this thread after problem has fixed.

NTT Game Support Team

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About Menicia's Official List
Posted by NTT Support on 08-11-2019 / 13:01

Hail Knights,

Recently, we received some complaints about Menicia's Official List item that occur some Discconection problem while using. Because of that, Menicia's Official List item have been removed from in game market until problem has fixed. We are in touch with the developer for this problem's solution. Necessary announcements will be made if Menicia's List item return back to market again.


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[NTTNow] Account Connection Reset
Posted by NTT Support on 03-04-2019 / 13:24

Hail Knights,

Due to security measures, some of the NTT Game accounts NTTNow bounds have been reset. These accounts' owners need to bind their accounts on NTTNow application again to connect Altar, Vega and Sirius servers.

If you having trouble with binding on NTTNow application, please create a ticket on Customer Support/NTTNow category which include your phone number, device's brand/model and if it's possible, a screenshot that shows the error that you encountered.

Users who will install the AnyOTP application onto Android devices can download the application here.

Have Fun!

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Important Announcement for E-Mail/ICS Phone Change
Posted by NTT Support on 04-02-2019 / 13:06

Greetings everyone,

This is an important notice about the changes to email and phone number requests;

As of February 16th, 2019, requests for updating E-mail and ICS phone numbers via our Support System will not be processed.

The applications made through the Support System until February 15th, 2019 will be taken into consideration and the necessary adjustments will be made for the approved applications by our Support Staff. is a Gaming Portal. E-mail address/Phone number information' accessibility, that you used for account creation and ICS service, are user's responsibility. We just only provide help to users through these information who experience problems on our services It is difficult and time consuming to determine the accuracy of requests from users who do not have access to this contact information.

We have experienced for many years that the use of support for changing E-mail and ICS phone numbers for our players has not only been used for supporting legitimate players but there has also been attempts to use the services for negative means. Therefore, we have taken this decision, to prevent any negative outcome and provide a healthier playing environment.

Through our NTTGame portal and the ICS website, our users can update their e-mail addresses and ICS phone numbers at any time. However, you must have access to the e-mail address and ICS number already to make these changes.

NTTGame Support Team

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