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VIP Vault Key Reset
Posted by NTT Support on 28-02-2014 / 16:40

You can reset your VIP Vault Key by following the steps below:

1- At first, you must log out from game while resetting your VIP Key succesfully.

2- Then, log into the portal with your user ID and password.

3- Click on "My Account > Overview" at the top right of the web page.
4- Select "Game Services" from the left side and chose ''Knight Online'' from the right side.
5- Please follow ''VIP KEY'' section.
6- Click on > icon and enter your account information.
7- You will be sent a link to your registered email address. Once you receive and open the email, there will be a link to follow that allows you to reset your VIP KEY.
8- Once you enter the game, you can create a new VIP Key.

VIP Key Guidance Video

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