[Announcement] About Inactive Accounts!
Posted by NTT Support on 27-12-2023 / 11:51

Dear Knight Online players,

On February 22, 2024, during the server maintenance, all data, including characters and items of accounts that have been inactive for 10 years or more will be permanently deleted.

Due to retrieving these deleted accounts, characters and items are not possible, we suggest you to login to Knight Online through your username and password until February 22 to prevent data removal.

NTTGame | Knight Online Team

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Ardream Quests Will Be Removed!
Posted by NTT Support on 21-12-2023 / 16:10

Dear Knight Online Players,

Quests that can be taken from the Ardream map will be removed from the game with the server maintenance dated January 11, 2024.

We recommend our players who have quests taken from the Ardream map to complete their Ardream quest until January 11, 2024.

NTTGame | Knight Online Team

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About Feast of Sacrifice Holiday and Support Team
Posted by NTT Support on 27-06-2023 / 13:31

Hail Knights!

We celebrate our users Feast of Sacrifice. We want to inform you that due to offical holiday between June 28 and June 30 and after weekend holiday, our users' ticket responses might take longer than usual. 

We will keep providing fast and positive supports to our dear users after holiday.

Thank you for understanding and happy holiday!

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First Server Merge Coming!
Posted by NTT Support on 26-01-2023 / 12:05

In accordance with in game analysis and players' requests, we decided to merge Rosetta and Olympia servers on Februay 9 to provide more enjoyable game environment.

Servers to Merge: Rosetta, Olympia
Merge Date: February 9

Minark will be the name of the server that is when Rosetta and Olympia servers are merged.

We would like to announce to you in advance that we are planning to perform the second and third server merge in the future.

Below you can find the details of the events that will be held to celebrate the server merge.

After the merge, the EXP Jackpot system will be activated on the Minark server for 4 weeks.

You can receive the following gifts from the Akara's Altar on the Minark server after the merge for 4 weeks. Each account will be able to take the following items only once.

1- Aset Transformation Scroll (10x, Non-Tradeable)
This special gift that will change the appearance of your character is waiting for you.

2- Talisman Item (Non-Tradeable)
This item can be activated with the Talisman system, which will be added to the game in the future, and keep your Talisman items!

3- Wing of Hellfire Dragon 15 Days
These wings, which will add strength to the power of your character, will come already exchanged and ready to use.

4- Lunar Tattoo 15 Days
This tattoo, which represents the power of the Moon, will come already exchanged and ready to use.

Server Merge Details

Race Informations
During the merge, the race of the highest level character of the players with characters of different races on the two servers will be determined as your race on the merged server.

Character Informations
(1) The 4 characters with the highest level in the servers to be merged will be moved to the new server and the other characters will be deleted.
(2) Among the characters with the same level, the character with the highest EXP amount will be moved to the merged server.
(3) If the EXP amount, level and rebirth levels of the characters are the same, the first character created as a date will be moved to the merged server.
Note 1: We give you as much time as necessary to decide which of your 4 characters will be moved and we are giving you plenty of notice in advance so you are able to de-level your characters and decide which four characters you would like to keep.
Note 2: Characters in the Discipline Dungeon will also qualify for the merge.

Duplicate Nicknames
(1) There will be an option to change name if the character has duplicated name.
(2) Players with the same name can change their character names while entering the game, and only the players who completed the change process first can get the same name again.

(1) Items and Noah above the Inn hostess limit will be deleted.(192 slots and 2 billion Noahs). It is highly requested that you keep the items you want to be transported in your 4 characters with the highest level.
(2) Priority will be at the Inn Hostess where your character is at the highest level.
(3) All VIP Key times on merged servers will be stacked.
(4) All items that exceed the VIP Vault capacity will be deleted.
Note: Priority will be in the VIP Vault where you have the highest character.

Clan Information
(1) During the merge, the clan and its members are also protected, if the clan leader's character is deleted, the clan will also be deleted.
- If the clan leader's race changes, the clan will be deleted.
- Clan members whose race has changed due to their highest level character will be removed from the clan.
Note 1: If the clan leader's character is deleted, the clan members donated national points will be refunded, as the clan will be deleted.
Note 2: If clan members change their race due to their highest level character, the national points donated to the clan will be refunded.
(2) For clans with the same name, clan leaders will be provided with the Clan Name Change Scroll via the in-game mailbox.
(3) All allied clan list will be reset.

National Treasures, Taxes and Kings
(1) The king treasures and market development fund of both races will be reset, so we recommend using the Noahs accumulated before the merge.
(2) Kingdoms will be reset.

Items in the Mailbox
(1) The mails received as defined to the account during the merge will be protected, and the mails received as defined to the character (Ex: Draki rewards) will be deleted.

Friends list
(1) Friend lists will be reset during the merge.

Monthly National Point and Draki Tower
(1) Monthly national points and Draki Tower rankings will be reset.
- Draki tower rewards will be sent after server merge.

Akara's Altar
(1) Akara's Altar will be closed for auction for the first 4 weeks after the server merge.
(2) If you do not receive the items from the auctions you won or cancel your bids before the merge, the items you won and the bids you made will be deleted.

Cypher Ring, Rebirth and Skill Quests
(1) Uncompleted skill and rebirth quests will be deleted in the server merge, so we recommend that you complete your skill and rebirth quests.
(2) If you have the Cypher Ring item before the merge, you must use the item, otherwise the item will become unusable.
(3) Other quests that are not completed and that are in your character will also be reset, so we recommend that you complete your current unfinished quests.

Insignia and Badges
(1) Existing character insignia and badges will be stored and moved to the merged server.

Whisper and Merchant Block List
(1) With the server merge, the whisper and merchant block lists will be reset.

Other Informations
(1) Castle owner, king, buyback list, friend list, and character mail will be reset.
(2) Monthly rankings will start to be displayed sometime after the merge is made.
(3) The characters in some maps will be on the Moradon map when you first log in.
(4) Missions completed on one of the merged servers will be transferred to the merged server as completed.
- Quests received from NPC on one server but not completed and never received on the other server will be reset.

To prevent any item losses or potential issues, we strongly suggest you to follow the instructions mentioned above. Our Staff will not be responsible in a case of potential mishaps that have to do with not following the instructions shown above.

Have Fun!
NTT Game | Knight Online Team

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About Agartha and Zero Servers
Posted by NTT Support on 30-12-2022 / 12:56

Hello Knights,

Registration for Zero and Agartha servers has been reactivated.

NTT Game | Knight Online Team

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New Servers Coming Soon - 17.11.2022
Posted by NTT Support on 10-10-2022 / 17:53

Conquer the world as a Knight again!

We are excited to announce that we will be opening a new server.

Choose a nation and achieve domination once again!

New Servers Open on November 17

Only users with active OTP system will be able to log in to the new servers to ensure your account security and a more stable gaming experience.


You will be able to pre-register and pre-select your server and character name to take part in new servers.

  • October 20 - November 3
    1. Pre-Registration Process.

  • November 4 - November 15
    2. Pre-Registration, Server Selection and Character Creation Process.

  • November 17
    Server Opening.

Contents of New Servers

Below you can find the in-game events that will initially take place on the new servers.

  • Border Defense War event.
  • Chaos Dungeon event.
  • Forgotten Temple event.
  • I Love Knight Online event.
  • Bounty Hunter event.
  • Lunar wars.

*The new servers will not include Ardream and Ronark Land Base maps.

Pre-Registration Rewards

1. Warriors who successfully register during the first pre-registration process will receive 200x Ibex/Crisis Pots and 15-day Hellfire Wing rewards that can be used on new servers!

2. Our players who do not register during the second pre-registration process will not be able to receive the rewards.

Pre-Registration Procedures

In order to pre-register, your account must have an active ICS/OTP feature and an SMS confirmation of your account.

New Server Events

We will share with you the announcements that we will make about Level Marathon, Ranking, Video events and much more.

NTT Game | Knight Online Team

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